About us

Started in 1997, we are an executive search company focusing on leadership hires on the CXO (-2) levels across IT, Telecom, BFSI, Semiconductor. Infrastructure, Retail & e-Commerce domains.

We apply a Systematic Management consulting approach to all assignments ensuring that accurate solution is given to the company and only the qualified potential candidates are presented to our clients within agreed timeframes.

We will strive to source the best candidate pool for every assignment awarded since we strive for client & candidate satisfaction. JKMC works closely with leaders in business and technology at leading MNC’s worldwide to help them achieve business results in their strategic initiatives. With an exclusive focus on recruitment needs, our mission will be on Total Quality Management (TQM). Our clients are leading global corporations or emerging, innovative companies across a spectrum of all verticals.

While strategic issues and challenges are on the minds of our clients, they are also leaders who believe in taking action and achieving results. Our clients question the status quo, indicating a sense of urgency given the economic environment. They relentlessly focus on transforming their organizations and business functions.

Each of our client is seeking extraordinary but measurable improvements in performance, customer satisfaction, and the ease of doing business with partners, top line, bottom line, shareholder value, and other categories of performance.

How we operate

Each organization's needs are unique, requiring rigorous research, deep industry knowledge, and a consultative approach. We pride ourselves on constant communication with our clients throughout the search process. All of our recruiters have held senior-level positions within the recruiting, information, and new technology areas, providing them with insight into the specific challenges and requirements of the roles they fill. Our research based approach allows us to cover every aspect of the market, ensuring that the executives we identify represent the absolute leaders in the industry.

What we do

JKMC Executive Search specializes in placing senior-level executives in a wide range of markets, including Technology (Product & Services), BFSI, Retail, e-Commerce, We have developed and maintained long-term relationships with the premier companies in the industry, from large international corporations to specialized and high-growth organizations looking for the next level of development. In addition, our research based services approach brings executive talent into companies for medium- to long-term engagements to address strategic organizational issues and lay the foundation for sustained growth.

Executive Search, also known as “headhunting,” is a specialized form of management consulting that provides a proactive and research based recruiting service to organizations wishing to find and appoint top executive talent.