Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is key to any business looking to gain insight and advantage through a deeper understanding of their competitors. Our market intelligence division enables you to do just that.

Market intelligence is highly sought after and valuable. It provides businesses with an opportunity to assess how their competitors operate and provides information that can have a direct impact on your own business model and structure.

There are many reasons that market intelligence projects are undertaken:

  • To Gain insight on competitor structures and reporting lines
  • Identification of key individuals and their responsibilities
  • To understand how your competitors support the customer base in your market
  • To identify core compensation and benefits packages
  • Industry Salary Surveys
  • To build up a perception of your employer brand in the market Vs your competitors

Our market intelligence projects are tailored to supply the information you are looking for. Our projects can involve full structure mapping of competitor teams or sector specific relating to a particular channel of business.

On completion of a market intelligence project, you will be provided with organizational and structure detail, a report on specific response areas and a full search analysis of the project.