Talent Pooling

Talent Pooling is the next generation of recruitment process and allows you to take full control and become less reliant on costly hires.

It is critical that employers now look to build talent acquisition resourcing solutions that are far more cost effective and cutting edge in order to stay one step ahead of the competition and to support anticipated growth.

Talent Pooling and Market Mapping allows you to build and develop your own specific talent pools or pipelines across the business in all functional areas and is 100% owned by you thus dramatically reducing both cost and time to hire, allowing you to become self sufficient through the sourcing and hiring process.

This is the ultimate solution designed to help bring the process in-house.

What is a Talent Pool?

We are defining a Talent Pool as a group or groups of people with whom an employer maintains a direct individual relationship for the purpose of future employment. At its simplest form, it means maintaining and managing a fully-fledged candidate community segmented by such things as geography and professional skills.

It is important to collect talent because:

1. Repetitive candidate search is time-consuming & costly
2. Saves and builds upon the value of your candidate contacts
3. Gives you a readily available database of talent
4. As the war for talent grows the market becomes focused on the passive audience to secure the best available talent in the market and not just on the market.

"At present 70% of all job seekers are passive, whilst 70% of recruiters still remain re-active" Talent Pooling is the next generation of recruitment service. A solution that you control that builds a database of highly skilled candidates relative to your business that is sustainable and most importantly owned by you.

We are specialists in the design, build and management of Talent Pooling and Market Mapping Solutions that have seen our clients experience up to 70% in reduction to recruitment and sourcing costs whilst increasing the quality of the hires.